Saturday, October 18, 2014

Playgrounds and Water parks

They have different play equipment here at the playgrounds.
The girls...and I...didn't know what to do with about half of it.  Do you sit on it?
Rock it? Um...spin it?
Sometimes it was all of the above.

Kinda feel dumb when you can't figure out playground equipment. Honestly our playground stuff blows them away.
It's so hot and muggy though that the kids don't want to play too long anyways.

This was some net ball thing...thankfully we didn't have to rescue anyone from the center of it.
Shiloh and a couple of her cousins
Vivian testing out her cousin's scooter.

Water park

DH and Vivian at the water park

I had to buy the girls some Kinder Joy eggs!
Believe it or not. These are banned in the USA.
Confiscated by the TSA, interrogation, the whole deal.
Dangerous, dangerous little eggs.
Because...they have a little toy inside.

Just so you know, I'm not breaking the law! ;-)
 I'll have the girls eat them here...the chocolate, not the toy. It's really not hard to tell the difference. lol
If I can, I will take a picture when they open them.
It's too late here for them to eat them now.

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