Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Small spaces, goodness gracious!

You know how "living small" is really "in" right now?
Well, we are staying in a pretty small room right now.
It takes some creative arranging.
I stack the two small mattresses in the day as a make-shift couch/daybed and lay them out at night.
Organization...basically living out of the carry-on luggage and a small part of the closet.
And creative arranging of where everyone is going to lay on the mattresses....'cause Shi kicks everyone! 
Vivian misses her stuffed animals that she cuddles at night, back home. So I gave her a rolled up blanket and it actually works and she cuddles that at night instead. ;-)

So thankful to have such awesome kids.

On another mall trip, we *had* to have an ice kachang.
I always like to have one whenever we are visiting. Though I think every single one has been slightly different.
Shiloh was a big fan, Vivian was not.
She was more pleased with being able to drink an Orange Fanta with her meal, since we normally don't allow sodas. ;-)
We went to IKEA today.
I am not a fan. It's too huge and eventually boring.
Rooms of lights, and Rooms of bedding, and Rooms of furniture but it's not the quality of an actual furniture store.
After all that walking, I think I found one thing in the store that I wanted. :-s
Does not make that a worthwhile trip to me!
My feet still hurt too. boo!

Our turtle has a cousin here. This turtle is bigger than Katie but she has this small set-up.
Katie is spoiled!
Plus our daredevil turtle would have escaped this tank many times over I think.
We saw baby turtles in the pet store here, and the sign said...."imported from the USA". lol

We went to a Giant store today. That's what the store is called "Giant", It's like a very big Super Wal-mart.
They carry just about everything...though I couldn't find any peaches, or very much in the cereal aisle (at least of types that we recognized).
Tons of fish laid out though, including a beautiful one with purple stripes on its head and purple dots on its body!

It was fun to walk around with my 7 yr old niece though and ask her if she tried different foods that I found on the shelves and whether she liked them.
Then she held up a jar of Orange Marmalade and said that it looked so funny and she didn't want to try it. Lol, she gave me such a look when I told her I loved it!

Also, since this country has basically banned chewing gum...she is/was totally fascinated with Shiloh's ability to blow bubbles with her gum.
Ah, so funny!
Shiloh is a Rockstar now. ;-)

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doo said...

I had to laugh, i went and looked up the gum ban. I sure hope that you only brought two packs per person...i dont want my cousin to be considered a "gum smuggler"!! LOL

Thanks for the update and pictures!!