Saturday, October 25, 2014

Visiting Japan and Chinatown in one mall.

We went to a really big Mall (Jurong Point) the other day.
They have a lot of little Lego stores. The sets are the same as what we have at home...just more expensive.
But they also have lots of displays where they set up the Lego scenes, or create a giant Lego Friends Cat, Dog, and Girl!
The mall has one long aisle that was just Japanese food. Breads, sushi, and restaurants.
It was decorated with ninjas...
And (of course) Maneki Neko!
They also had a China town street inside the Mall too.
And yes, the Malls are always crowded like this...on a weekday.
Triple that amount in the evenings. Crazy crowds.

Pretty sure this Mall is where I got food poisoning/stomach flu, But thankfully, one Doctor trip later, and I am finally starting to feel better.
And counting down the days to home!

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