Monday, November 03, 2014

Flight photos

We are home!
So happy to be home!!

Here are some pictures of our flights.

Waiting to board our plane and take the first leg of our journey home.
Enjoying the in-flight entertainment on our 2nd flight.
They watched "How to train a Dragon 2" and "Marmaduke" a few times.
It was Vivi's turn for the window seat. 

Vivian eating her dinner.
She often opted for the vegetarian pasta dish.
We used to special order the lactose-free dish for her but she prefers having options.

One of my meals. This was actually one of the better meals. Braised beef!

They also had actual real gingerale (not ginger "beer") on the flight which was nice...especially since my stomach did not behave on the first flight. :(

Shi is battling a bad cold now so she's not been eating too much. It's so hard to stay healthy with all the travel despite the copious amounts of vitamins we ingested.
We're also battling jet-lag and the time change too so a lot of sleeping going on.

Vivian lost a few pounds on our trip but given the amount that she normally eats, it is hard to keep that up while away from home.
She ate THREE muffins, a banana, a yogurt stick...and probably more stuff that I can't remember just for breakfast this morning.
She's back on track. :)

I lost more than a few pounds but my awesome Mom made an awesome beef stew, and stocked my pantry so I am eating well now and my stomach is starting to feel much better! :)

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