Saturday, November 15, 2014

This old cold

What have we been up to since our trip?
A seemingly never-ending cold has hit our family hard. :(
These are some of my favorite cold products that have been helping me out this past couple weeks.
And yes, I use the vapor bath myself, it's so nice. 
Shiloh's cold lingered for a good 13 days, she's on day 14 today but seems well enough now for me to say that she's pretty-much over it.
Vivi is the last one battling through it now.

Vivi did take time the other day to write down what she is thankful for (happiness, dad, mom, food, bed, and niceness) ;)
I found this awesome window covering that looks somewhat like stained glass.
I love it!
Our upstairs bathroom has a window right over the toilet and we like to keep the curtain open during the day.
Well, the girls couldn't manage to close the curtain when they "needed" to and it was getting tiring running upstairs to close it for them all the time.
This adhesive makes privacy so pretty. :)
Just hoping it lasts since this window gets a lot of steam and condensation on it. 

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