Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fever, fever, go away...

Day one of having sick children, the Mom-jump into Caregiver mode.
Fetching drinks and apply cool cloths to foreheads.
Tucking in blankets, dosing out medication, taking temperatures, hauling out vaporizers.

Sleepless night of spending part of the night in your own bed, part of the night taking care of sick children, and part of the night of the night curled up on the foot of the children's bed holding the fevered hand of a child who can't sleep without your presence.

Day two, Caregiver mode is now fueled by coffee and chocolate.
Television is on constantly. Mom drifts off during an episode of Curious George...wakes up 15 minutes later to find George has (once again) gotten himself into another mischievous mess.
Thankful my children are not curious monkeys.

Sleepless night #2, basically a repeat of above.

Day three, Why won't the toaster make coffee? Why do we even have a toaster if it won't make coffee?
Want to cry because toaster won't make coffee.

Basically, I've realized day three is my breaking point.
Vivian woke up with a sore throat but it has only been bothering her off and on today so I'm hoping it's nothing.
She is not a good patient at all. She gets man-colds.

Shiloh's fever is finally gone tonight! I'm waiting for her Motrin dose to wear off completely but so far the Motrin has never brought her temperature down this far.
I'm hopeful!
I was planning to call the Dr. in the morning if she still had this fever.
Hopefully I won't have to make that call!

She also lost a tooth tonight!
It actually was good timing as it kept her focus on wiggling her tooth and less on her sickness.

Now hopefully the Tooth Fairy is not too tired to remember to make an appearance tonight!

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