Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One down One up

Shi has come down with the Flu. :(
I'm not sure where she got it since we haven't gone out a lot but somehow...
I wasn't sure if she had a cold or flu, so I looked up a list of Flu symptoms and she had every single one.
She was pretty down today with fever (30hrs and counting),and never really left the couch.

Vivian was in rare form, having the house and most of my attention for herself!
Oh, she is such a character.
We were teasing each other and I said "Vivi, what is going on over here?"
Vivian: "Sorry! It was an accident!"
Me: "They say "there are no accidents", Viv."
Vivian frowns: "Then why is there a word "accident", Mom?

She helped me make brownies this afternoon.
She stirred the brownies, showed me her muscles, and said if I bought her the 2lb weights at Walmart, she could get bigger muscles and stir better. ;-)
She ended her argument with "C'mon Mom, I have to lift something!"
We had a hard time deciding what add-ins to use but we finally settled on Oreos.
(With the stipulation that Vivian would get to eat an Oreo when she was done stirring...of course)
I chopped them up, but that didn't work out very well and you can't really taste the Oreos at all. :(
I guess next time I'd have to try adding whole Oreos.

She served me "stew" from the play kitchen. She included a huge pitcher of "spring water" and even remembered a napkin.
The stew included everything from a brownie, to pineapples.
Actually it included a "pea apple" too.
One of their plastic pineapples has a weird bumpy texture and Vivi said it looks like peas.
So it's a pea apple.
Then she brought out little picnic baskets so I could take my leftovers with me. lol
It's so funny the little things that they notice and include in their play.

Then Vivian wanted to make her own PB&J sandwich for dinner.
She had a hard time getting the grape jelly to spread though.
She handed the knife to me and said "Can you do it? I think it's Mom work. I can't do it." :)

Gotta get Shiloh settled for bedtime now.

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