Monday, March 30, 2015


Don't come near us!
 We're basically a big germ fest over here. :-S

Since Shiloh was the first to come down the plague here, she is the most recovered.
But of course she does sickness...with an extra flair.

Last night, right before bed, she suddenly breaks out in hives all over her face...near her eyes, all up her ear.
Crazy puffy pink hives!
So I quickly gave her Benadryl, then brushed her teeth and got her all ready for bed but kept her down on the couch with me.
They came on so suddenly that I wanted to keep an eye on her until I knew the Benadryl worked.

Thankfully today she only had a spot appear here and there and then fade.

Vivian has a slightly worse cough.
Unfortunately the girls were well enough to play together, but still too sick to really get along well.
Made for a long day for Mama...who also needs the tissues now.

We had a light schoolwork day, including a little whiteboard quiz.

What makes Shiloh feel better? She wrote "Mama".
Makes the sleepless nights worth it. :)

Vivian's list...long list of what makes her feel better.
It's basically a menu! Blueberries, shrimp with butter, raspberries, peaches, mixed fruit...
She also drew a picture of sitting on the couch watching "Wild Kratts". :)

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