Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ready for Spring!

It's been way too long since I posted here.
I know because I totally forgot my password to log in and had a mini panic attack.
After typing in a dozen or so (yes, seriously)... I finally found the magic one and then thought "Why in the world is that my password?!?!" 

Lately I've been busy planning out my curriculum for next year.
I'm so thankful that my laptop can handle having multiple windows open as I compare prices and reviews on at least three different sites at a time.
I have a few books ordered already and I'm anxious for them to arrive so I can see how they'll work out and continue my planning.

I also love when a site has sample pages for review.
When I'm considering a book it's nice to be able to show Shiloh the pages and get her opinion.
Vivian is still more interested in what the cover looks like or any pictures, compared to actually looking at the work. :)

We've had a few nice days this past week and it has been AWESOME!
It has been such a long and bitter cold winter.
I don't think I've ever heard of a winter with so many water main breaks before. Our city was getting impossible to navigate with so many roads closed due to crews tearing up the roads to repair the pipes.

But finally some warmer weather which softened up the snow enough to make it perfect for making snowmen and building forts.
The snow was very unstable though. One second you'd be standing on a huge mountain of snow and the next one of your legs was sunk up to your hips.
Then the girls would come to investigate the big hole I'd left in the snow...and fall in.

Shiloh lost her mitten sometime while playing, we searched all over but we couldn't find it.
She was wearing two pairs so she didn't notice right away.
Thankfully each day was warm and two days later the snow had melted enough for her mitten to reappear. :)
I just bought some red yarn so I think her next pair will be made with that bright color and hopefully much easier to find.

It's rainy today so I've sent the girls on an Easter egg hunt through the house.
Lol, whatever keeps away the cabin fever! :)

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