Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Our neighbor tends to be a bit paranoid. *ahem*
....or is he? (cue eerie music)

The other day he dragged my husband over to his house to look at his front door, which he insisted had been tampered with.
Apparently he stuck a clothespin in the door as an assurance against someone opening the door and when he returned...lo and behold, the clothespin was across the floor.
Now the calm mind might think the clothespin sprung itself...as clothespins are known to do.
So boring. *tisk*tisk*

The colorful mind apparently can come up with a whole conspiracy theory of people who like to mess with old men by springing their door clothespins in broad daylight.
What is this world coming to?

I have my own theory...

This also goes along with my neighbors next complaint.
He found a couple of dead squirrels in his yard.
He has huge pines on his property which are always full of squirrels.
Dogs, Cats, Hawks, Owls. Foxes...all plausible explanations for the bodies, yes. no?

Not according to our neighbor who believes it is another attack by his pranksters.

My theory...

...bunnies with lightsabers.
Squirrels with lightsabers!
Squirrels lose.

The force was not with them. :(

You have to laugh...right?

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doo said...

LOL LOL good one!!! :-)