Friday, March 27, 2015

The sickness continues...

I called the Pediatrician this morning but after the nurse spoke to the Doctor, he decided that Shiloh has a virus and that I should keep doing what I am doing (alternating Motrin/Tylenol and giving her lots of fluids) and call them after the weekend if she's not improved. 

She had such a frequent cough Wednesday night that no one was getting any sleep. 
So last night we set up a little bed for Vivian in our room.
Vivi still has just the sore throat, but she needs her rest to keep it from turning into anything else.
She's actually quite in love with the whole arrangement.

We've been waking up early most mornings this week with Shi's coughing, so we often end up on the couch watching PBS.
We were watching one cartoon where they mentioned  making"smoked barracuda"
Vivian made a face and said "Ew, he smoked a barracuda?"
Me: "Not like that. He smoked it as a way of cooking it."
Vivi: "You mean, he burnt it until smoke came out!"

Um, well that is the way that *I* smoke things...
 I was having trouble with a bear-shaped pancake pan last week and Shiloh came into the kitchen and said "Mmm, are you making barbecue!"
That is a definite sign that your pancakes are in trouble.
Well, there ARE black bears after all.
Not barbecue...authentic! ;-)

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doo said...

Hope Shi feels better soon!
BBQ black bear pannie may start a new trend! :-)