Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

It's actually a rather dreary, rainy Wednesday here.
I made breakfast for everyone this morning, then started a load of laundry before I finally sat down with my breakfast.
About that time everyone else was at least half-way through their breakfasts.
I get up again before I even take a bite, to get a dish of peaches for Vivian.
I sit down and take a bite of my breakfast.
DH asks for more coffee.
I take another bite of my breakfast. "Just a minute..."
Vivian chimes in "Mom, Dada wants more coffee!"
I frowned and got up.
Just as I reached the coffeepot, I heard Vivian say in a stage-whisper to her Daddy.
"Dada, Mama might pour the coffee in your lap."


DH said that she built him up by joining his side, then poured ice water on his head.

We worked on Earth Day crafts this week.
Our "Earth" was made with markers on a coffee filter, then sprayed with water and left to dry.

Vivian said she helps the earth by taking care of plants. (which she is good at doing!)

Shiloh said she helps the earth by not wasting food.

Shi had a harder time coming up with a way that she actually helps the earth.
I was mentioning conserving water and turning out lights.
"I help plants by not peeing on them."
I laughed until I was almost in tears.
But then she said she was just confused and that wasn't what she meant.
She had a larger list of things to help the earth, just not things she she could actually do at the moment. ;-)

I moved our giant aloe to the front porch yesterday.
It has gotten incredibly heavy.
I was going to weigh it but when I picked it up...bending carefully at the knees to avoid injuring my back.
Well, I ended up hurting my knee! :(
Pulled something and it hurt the rest of the day whenever I knelt down or used the stairs.
It's feeling better today but I'm not moving that aloe again.
It even left dents in the table top that it was on.
So it's a floor plant now.

Ankle biter.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Finally Spring!

It's been so nice to have a few days of nice warm weather.
We've been swamped lately with school work stuff, but we still managed to enjoy some of the sunshine.
Posing with her chalk drawing of The Hungry Caterpillar :)

Can't wait until the yard dries up a bit more though.
The girls have been getting so muddy!
Especially Shi....
Vivian said the other day, "I wish I had mud pants!"
"I have snow pants to play in the snow, I want mud pants to play in the mud!"

We just planted our garden seeds the other day.
We have tomatoes, green beans, peas, and zucchini started.
Vivian has asked that it be her job to water them.
She even dug through the garage to find her pink watering can.
She is always so eager to help!
It takes her many trips with her tiny watering can, and she has to go all the way to the bathroom because that's the only sink she can reach (with a step stool) but she loves it!
She's really good at remembering too.

Both girls helped to transplant some daffodils and snowdrops in our yard the other day.
We moved them from our backyard to our raised flower bed.
Much better and DH doesn't have to worry about mowing them over.
It's not a great time to move them but I can never find them through the rest of the year. ;-)

The girls themselves are growing like weeds!
I keep having to make them change because they've outgrown something else.
But when I say "growing like weeds", they are still pretty tiny weeds.
It means Vivi can't fit into the 4's, 5's. and small 6's anymore. lol
And Shi is super-skinny so it's hard to find pants that will fit her waist and still have enough length.

We took a walk today and it was hysterical because we passed a huge pine tree shortly after leaving the house.
The girls insisted on filling both of their arms full of pine cones and then they're trying to walk with pine cones falling and blowing (it was very windy today!) out of their arms.
Then they would bend down to pick up the one that they dropped....and three more would fall out of their arms.
Then their sister would try to help and drop her pine cones too.
So soon it was a big pile of pine cones that they were scrambling to gather up.
So we got those picked up and took about 10 more steps before the whole thing was repeated....and repeated...and repeated.

Then when we finally got home, they deposited all their pine cones into one of Daddy's bins in the garage.
Hmm, that should be fun for him to find.
Seems like every empty flowerpot or jug or whatever they can find in the garage is soon filled with precious leaves, stones, and pine cone treasures that they find. lol ;-)

I wanted to take a picture of Vivian and she thought it was hysterical to take a picture of me at the same time.
She loves taking pictures.
She gets so many action shots of Shiloh!
And she's the 6yr. old Queen of wacky selfies. She makes faces and takes a picture of it and she will laugh for days at herself. ;-)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Green Thumb

I like hydrangeas and I cannot lie.

The stores are setting them out.
Putting them on sale.
So many colors, so many choices.

Like this new addition.
Pointed pink tips, and matches so nice with its new spring green blossoms.

Or this lovely coral colored one with more rounded petals.
Looks like an impatiens.

Or this third beauty, similar to the first....but not exactly.

Or this bouquet. Okay, this one is fake... ;-)

My aloe plant has gone insane this winter.
In the fall time I bring it in from our front porch.
It's always a challenge to find room to put it.
It's heavy and takes up a lot of space.
This year I decided to stick it in the dark corner next to our staircase.
I thought/hoped that the darkness would cause it to shrivel a little...maybe even some leaves would die off.
No, adversity is its friend.
Instead it reaches for light, growing even longer leaves, impossibly long tentacles!
Nobody puts aloe in the corner.

It has become our guard dog.
Demanding attention from all that pass by.
Often this winter I have heard the sounds of my children captured in its spiny grip.
"Mom! Mom! The aloe has got me! I can't move!"
While I run and shout "Don't move, you'll tip it over!"
It's reaching its pointed arms through the banister to grab at our ankles as we go up and down the stairs.
Amazingly, it hasn't lost even one baby plant.

I measured it recently and it's reaching well over a yard, forty-four inches to be exact from point to point.
I wonder if I could win some type of green thumb award?

I'm tempted to glue some googly eyes on it.

Unbelievable to remember how small it was when we first got it.
Now it even has a leaf that is so heavy it split down the middle, but healed back up again of course...we just can't loose any leaves! ;-)

Dentists and Dragons and Spelling!

The girls had teeth cleaning appointments this week.
Vivian was excited but Shi was anxious about it.
Everything went smoothly until fluoride treatment time.
Then Vivian looked very concerned, "Mama, they said that Shiloh can't eat or drink for half an hour. Does that mean I can't eat or drink either!!"
"Yep, but it's just for 30 minutes."
Vivian: "But I want to go to Cracker Barrel!"
Me: "It will be all done by the time we get there."
Vivian frowns sadly.
Me: "Are you going to make it Viv?"
Vivian: "I don't know. It's a long time and I'm hungry!" :-D

Later they dug out their castle set and were playing with their Daddy.
The girls have a big dragon and they made it go to the Dentist.
The Dentists were Eagles who cleaned its teeth like it was a crocodile.
A little "Wild Kratts" meets "How to train a Dragon"?

Then they shot little flame darts at Daddy.
"Daddy your clothes are on fire! Stop, drop, and Roll!
Stop, drop, and Roll!" Vivian shouted.
DH didn't know what "Stop, Drop, and Roll" was...apparently those commercials and public safety announcements weren't played with the cartoons in Singapore. ;-)

Vivian is doing her spelling list online right now.
We like to alternate between writing them on paper, the whiteboard, or online.
I found this site spelling training
where I can put in her spelling words and she can listen to them and type them in.
Makes spelling a little more interesting to be able to do your lists different ways. :)
Plus I keep losing the link, so putting it here will make one place where I know I can find it! 

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Happy Easter!

We had a very nice Easter!
I think I'm *still* full! :)

The girls colored Easter eggs.
(That was the day that Vivian decided to empty her jewelry box and wear almost everything in it at one time...including her "Frozen" crown from dance class!)
Some of the finished eggs...Well, not quite finished.
The girls added some stickers afterwards.
It snowed, quite a lot actually though at least it didn't stick.
Certainly the snowiest Spring that I can recall in quite awhile.

Thankfully we're all recovered now and were able to enjoy our Easter fully.:)