Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dentists and Dragons and Spelling!

The girls had teeth cleaning appointments this week.
Vivian was excited but Shi was anxious about it.
Everything went smoothly until fluoride treatment time.
Then Vivian looked very concerned, "Mama, they said that Shiloh can't eat or drink for half an hour. Does that mean I can't eat or drink either!!"
"Yep, but it's just for 30 minutes."
Vivian: "But I want to go to Cracker Barrel!"
Me: "It will be all done by the time we get there."
Vivian frowns sadly.
Me: "Are you going to make it Viv?"
Vivian: "I don't know. It's a long time and I'm hungry!" :-D

Later they dug out their castle set and were playing with their Daddy.
The girls have a big dragon and they made it go to the Dentist.
The Dentists were Eagles who cleaned its teeth like it was a crocodile.
A little "Wild Kratts" meets "How to train a Dragon"?

Then they shot little flame darts at Daddy.
"Daddy your clothes are on fire! Stop, drop, and Roll!
Stop, drop, and Roll!" Vivian shouted.
DH didn't know what "Stop, Drop, and Roll" was...apparently those commercials and public safety announcements weren't played with the cartoons in Singapore. ;-)

Vivian is doing her spelling list online right now.
We like to alternate between writing them on paper, the whiteboard, or online.
I found this site spelling training
where I can put in her spelling words and she can listen to them and type them in.
Makes spelling a little more interesting to be able to do your lists different ways. :)
Plus I keep losing the link, so putting it here will make one place where I know I can find it! 

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