Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

It's actually a rather dreary, rainy Wednesday here.
I made breakfast for everyone this morning, then started a load of laundry before I finally sat down with my breakfast.
About that time everyone else was at least half-way through their breakfasts.
I get up again before I even take a bite, to get a dish of peaches for Vivian.
I sit down and take a bite of my breakfast.
DH asks for more coffee.
I take another bite of my breakfast. "Just a minute..."
Vivian chimes in "Mom, Dada wants more coffee!"
I frowned and got up.
Just as I reached the coffeepot, I heard Vivian say in a stage-whisper to her Daddy.
"Dada, Mama might pour the coffee in your lap."


DH said that she built him up by joining his side, then poured ice water on his head.

We worked on Earth Day crafts this week.
Our "Earth" was made with markers on a coffee filter, then sprayed with water and left to dry.

Vivian said she helps the earth by taking care of plants. (which she is good at doing!)

Shiloh said she helps the earth by not wasting food.

Shi had a harder time coming up with a way that she actually helps the earth.
I was mentioning conserving water and turning out lights.
"I help plants by not peeing on them."
I laughed until I was almost in tears.
But then she said she was just confused and that wasn't what she meant.
She had a larger list of things to help the earth, just not things she she could actually do at the moment. ;-)

I moved our giant aloe to the front porch yesterday.
It has gotten incredibly heavy.
I was going to weigh it but when I picked it up...bending carefully at the knees to avoid injuring my back.
Well, I ended up hurting my knee! :(
Pulled something and it hurt the rest of the day whenever I knelt down or used the stairs.
It's feeling better today but I'm not moving that aloe again.
It even left dents in the table top that it was on.
So it's a floor plant now.

Ankle biter.

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