Saturday, April 18, 2015

Finally Spring!

It's been so nice to have a few days of nice warm weather.
We've been swamped lately with school work stuff, but we still managed to enjoy some of the sunshine.
Posing with her chalk drawing of The Hungry Caterpillar :)

Can't wait until the yard dries up a bit more though.
The girls have been getting so muddy!
Especially Shi....
Vivian said the other day, "I wish I had mud pants!"
"I have snow pants to play in the snow, I want mud pants to play in the mud!"

We just planted our garden seeds the other day.
We have tomatoes, green beans, peas, and zucchini started.
Vivian has asked that it be her job to water them.
She even dug through the garage to find her pink watering can.
She is always so eager to help!
It takes her many trips with her tiny watering can, and she has to go all the way to the bathroom because that's the only sink she can reach (with a step stool) but she loves it!
She's really good at remembering too.

Both girls helped to transplant some daffodils and snowdrops in our yard the other day.
We moved them from our backyard to our raised flower bed.
Much better and DH doesn't have to worry about mowing them over.
It's not a great time to move them but I can never find them through the rest of the year. ;-)

The girls themselves are growing like weeds!
I keep having to make them change because they've outgrown something else.
But when I say "growing like weeds", they are still pretty tiny weeds.
It means Vivi can't fit into the 4's, 5's. and small 6's anymore. lol
And Shi is super-skinny so it's hard to find pants that will fit her waist and still have enough length.

We took a walk today and it was hysterical because we passed a huge pine tree shortly after leaving the house.
The girls insisted on filling both of their arms full of pine cones and then they're trying to walk with pine cones falling and blowing (it was very windy today!) out of their arms.
Then they would bend down to pick up the one that they dropped....and three more would fall out of their arms.
Then their sister would try to help and drop her pine cones too.
So soon it was a big pile of pine cones that they were scrambling to gather up.
So we got those picked up and took about 10 more steps before the whole thing was repeated....and repeated...and repeated.

Then when we finally got home, they deposited all their pine cones into one of Daddy's bins in the garage.
Hmm, that should be fun for him to find.
Seems like every empty flowerpot or jug or whatever they can find in the garage is soon filled with precious leaves, stones, and pine cone treasures that they find. lol ;-)

I wanted to take a picture of Vivian and she thought it was hysterical to take a picture of me at the same time.
She loves taking pictures.
She gets so many action shots of Shiloh!
And she's the 6yr. old Queen of wacky selfies. She makes faces and takes a picture of it and she will laugh for days at herself. ;-)

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