Saturday, April 11, 2015

Green Thumb

I like hydrangeas and I cannot lie.

The stores are setting them out.
Putting them on sale.
So many colors, so many choices.

Like this new addition.
Pointed pink tips, and matches so nice with its new spring green blossoms.

Or this lovely coral colored one with more rounded petals.
Looks like an impatiens.

Or this third beauty, similar to the first....but not exactly.

Or this bouquet. Okay, this one is fake... ;-)

My aloe plant has gone insane this winter.
In the fall time I bring it in from our front porch.
It's always a challenge to find room to put it.
It's heavy and takes up a lot of space.
This year I decided to stick it in the dark corner next to our staircase.
I thought/hoped that the darkness would cause it to shrivel a little...maybe even some leaves would die off.
No, adversity is its friend.
Instead it reaches for light, growing even longer leaves, impossibly long tentacles!
Nobody puts aloe in the corner.

It has become our guard dog.
Demanding attention from all that pass by.
Often this winter I have heard the sounds of my children captured in its spiny grip.
"Mom! Mom! The aloe has got me! I can't move!"
While I run and shout "Don't move, you'll tip it over!"
It's reaching its pointed arms through the banister to grab at our ankles as we go up and down the stairs.
Amazingly, it hasn't lost even one baby plant.

I measured it recently and it's reaching well over a yard, forty-four inches to be exact from point to point.
I wonder if I could win some type of green thumb award?

I'm tempted to glue some googly eyes on it.

Unbelievable to remember how small it was when we first got it.
Now it even has a leaf that is so heavy it split down the middle, but healed back up again of course...we just can't loose any leaves! ;-)

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