Friday, May 08, 2015

Dog Days

Today was gorgeous and hot!
After schoolwork I took all the books outside that I needed to check over and Vivi came out with me.
It was nice to get some sunshine, though Vivi is a little too chatty to get much work done around. ;-)
Then we drew a whole chalk town for their matchbox cars.
Shi came out then and added to the town with her own neighborhoods. 
Vivi had to have Kohl's and Target and Walmart, along with the usual police and fire stations and hospitals.
Then a whole row of her favorite restaurants. lol
It was turning into a city!

By then we were quite hot so we went inside and I made ice cream cones for the girls.
I sent them out to the garage while I put everything away.
Then I heard Vivian shriek at the top of her lungs!
Followed by shouts of "Mom! It's a dog!
A dog! Mom!"
I ran outside and our neighbors huge Labrador is running around the girls with one of my husband's work gloves in its mouth!

The dog has been wanting to play with the girls for awhile. It's always peeking under the fence or out the windows at them and getting excited.
Today the dog escaped, or rather wandered away from his inattentive owner, and made a beeline for them.
So I'm running down the driveway barefoot (because you don't grab your shoes when your kid shrieks like that) and trying to grab this dog.
Which doesn't have a collar, and has that greasy short-haired coat...and it's fat so its neck is the same size as it's head!
And it just kept jumping on me!
Such a pain, and then it kept chasing the girls as I tried to get them in the house.
I managed to get Vivian in first.
Then Shiloh threw a broom at the dog and I hustled her into the house too.

Without the girls around the dog quickly ran back to its house.
Poor Vivian was shaking. :(
She's been afraid of big dogs for awhile, this latest encounter definitely did not help.

Shi said she heard the neighbor yelling at the dog and saw him put it inside.
Later, I saw DH's glove had been tossed back over the fence.

My Mom vs. dog battle injury.

Once I knew the dog was inside, we went out and the girls played a bit longer.
I don't want Vivian to fear that this dog is going to escape all the time.
This was just the owners fault. 

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