Friday, May 15, 2015

Private Condensation

Our Summer-like days seemed to come to a rather abrupt stop for a bit.
More than 20 degree drop in daytime temps and the addition of frost warnings.
Just hoping everyone stays healthy through this!
I was just reading a planting guide that said the last frost for our area was normally the middle of April.
Hmm, really?

When I last saw our neighbor's dog it had acquired the new bling of ...a choke chain!
Yay! Though I would've been happier with a collar, anything to hold onto is good with me.
Ultimately I hope she stays in her yard and I never have to grab onto her anyways.
BUT she's still constantly trying to watch the girls when they're outside from under the fence.

So I thought I should do a dog safety lesson with the girls.
Knowledge is power and all that.
I did google search and found a lot of information.
So we learned how to do a "tree pose" when a dog comes around.
I found a printable booklet that the girls could color in, from the AKC here.
I didn't print out the whole thing, but selected a bunch of pages.
The girls also enjoyed taking turns pretending to be the dog, and practicing their tree poses and how to back away from a dog. lol

Shiloh has started reading "The Secret Garden".
It's been so neat to talk about the book with her, and especially about how we've pictured parts of the story in our minds. :)
Also the fact that we both thought "Colin" was pronounced "colon" the first time that we read the book. ;-)
We were talking away and DH came and interrupted, he needed me for something.
Shiloh said "Dada! We are having an important condensation!"

Lol, I'm glad she enjoyed our "condensation" as much as me. :)

Vivian has been doing reading comprehension work using Shiloh's "Milo and Jazz" books.
Shi has read those books backwards and forwards so she sometimes helps Vivian with the questions that Viv is supposed to answer after reading each chapter.
So far Vivian is loving the books almost as much as Shi, so it has made her actually enjoy the work. Yay!

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