Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring and School

We made these flowers the other day. :)

They were a pretty simple craft, flowers made from paper cups with green straw stems.
The girls decorated them with foam pieces, pompoms, glitter and markers.
It was a kit but I think it's be pretty easy to recreate.
They look so nice in my bud vases from "The Christmas Tree Store"!

I had to bring in my little violas tonight, another frost in the forecast.
They are so cute.

The girls both had some writing work to do about ice cream/ice cream shops.
Vivian wrote this huge thing...the girl likes ice cream! ;-)

It reads "I love vanilla, rainbow sherbet, and strawberry ice cream.
Sometimes I like chocolate ice cream.
I like all flavors of ice cream but I'm lactose intolerant. I can't have too much dairy. The End."

She was reading about the tradition of giving an apple to the Teacher.
The next day she drew me my own Teacher's apple. :)

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