Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Birthdays and Baby books

How quickly seven years can pass!
My baby just turned seven!

The night before Vivi's birthday, Shiloh lost another tooth.
So I pulled out their baby books because I keep a chart to record their lost teeth in their baby books.
Well, the girls loved reading through their baby books and laughing hysterically at what their first words and sounds were etc.
Such a fun way to celebrate a birthday. :)

Vivian asked for chocolate cupcakes, but her ideas for decorating the cupcakes changed by the second. So I looked at the Wilton website....which is just awesome.
And it gave me a ton of ideas.
I thought I could attempt rainbow frosting, but maybe just start with just three colors since it would be my first time.
Vivian loved the suggestion of rainbow frosting, but she insisted on four colors.
Okay, but lets try to make them light colors, like pastels so my errors are not so glaring.
Ta da!
The rainbow frosting was soo pretty.
It gave me the confidence to try the swirl technique that I also saw on the page.
I'm overly-impressed with my new-found talents. lol

The birthday girl reading her new book.
A new series I discovered written by her favorite author. :)
She wore her favorite dress and "Princess" pin too.

The girls putting together a new Lego set this morning.
(and yes, Shiloh sits like that quite often!)
They both had a lot of fun.

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