Friday, June 12, 2015

Dust bunnies be gone!

We've been busy doing Spring least while we still have a few days left of Spring.
I've been in a deep cleaning mode.
I even pulled out the heavy piano and vacuumed behind it, and then put it right back in the same spot.
So nobody even knows how clean it is back there...which is why I am announcing it here. lol
Yesterday DH and I moved a bunch of furniture around and cleaned under and behind everything.
Thankfully he caught my cleaning bug too, either that or he's worried about me getting squished under a dresser....
It's making me buff. I have biceps again!

Vivian is always eager to help with cleaning. She likes to wear her over-sized rubber gloves and dip a paper towel into a soapy bucket and scrub the dust of things.
Yes, I end up with a lot of drippy wet things...but at least they aren't dusty anymore. ;-)

BUT what Vivian does not like is any kind of throwing things out!
She's turning into a miniature hoarder.
Shoes that she's outgrown but "likes to look at". (sorry kiddo)
Seriously, the kid has a bubble envelope that is filled with bubble wrap that she won't let me toss.
She says she likes to pop a bubble here and there. :-D

We've also been taking a lot of walks enjoying the beautiful weather.

We've also been a lot of trips to the library.
The girls have been zipping through books, heavy books.
I told them we may have to make a rule that they can only get as many books at a time, as they can carry.
Carrying both their book bags is tough!
Probably the other reason I have biceps!

The library put in this cute reading tent, a couple weeks ago.
The girls enjoy reading there if we have a little extra time.

After school lets out it won't be so serene, but we love that we have the library to ourselves most days.
Though the library is running out of books! Seriously!
The librarian mentioned that the girls keep getting books they've already read, and how I could order books for them.
We've done it occasionally before. But they read through them so quickly it almost wasn't worth the wait.
Maybe we'll find some special ones to order though.
I've started reading a bunch online and I enjoy that...but it's just not the same as a book in the hand. 

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