Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Uncouth Tooth

DH has a bad tooth.
Well actually it's bad under the tooth. An abscess. Eek!
Apparently it's under a tooth that already had a previous root canal.
DH said three Dentists came in to look at his X-rays because they couldn't figure out how the infection got there.

He ended up having to take off work due to the pain. :(
Three prescriptions and about 36 hours later and the pain is finally subsiding.
We're not done with Dentist appointments though, they have to wait until the infection is gone before they can do anything with the tooth so this will drag out into next month.
Vivian kept telling him "Don't worry Dada, once it comes out, the Tooth Fairy will bring you money!" 

I've been so busy the past couple days running everywhere it seems.
Yesterday especially.
After I drove DH to his early Dentist appt., the girls and I went to Walmart to pick him up some high-calorie shakes because he couldn't eat anything with his mouth hurting.
Then when we left there, we came close to a white SUV that was going the WRONG way in the Roundabout.
The guy was pretty freaked when he realized his mistake. I'm not sure how he got back out.
All that was before 9:30!
Then we got home and found most of a bottle of apple juice had spilled into one of the girls bags and was dripping everywhere...
Sticky everywhere...

DH hadn't even been able to talk much so it helps that we've been married so long that I knew all his information to give and can basically figure out what he was trying to tell me.
Vivi was watching me trying to figure out his gestures yesterday and finally she ran up to him.
"Dada! This means Yes! She vigorously nodded her head.
"Dada! This means No!" She shook her head.
"Okay? That's how you do it!"
Lol, love this kid!

In the afternoon, a storm came through, and a tree fell down blocking our street.
That was despite Vivian's song that the..."Rain, Rain, go away. All the way to Canada or some other far away country."  She was making up this little song while we were driving.:)
Thankfully we didn't lose power!
Crazy day!

Shiloh has been accumulating her own injuries. On Monday, she bumped her head on the dining room table which I wasn't too concerned about because the table is on sliders and moves pretty easily.
Though it did hurt, it didn't bruise or swell....though she was convinced it was swelling until I had her feel her other temple.
Ta da! They match!

On Tuesday, she banged her knee on the dining room chair while jumping/bouncing/hopping into the seat.
(whatever way she was trying to sit down, it wasn't just calmly sitting down for sure)
She makes certain our "Disney Princess" ice pack gets a lot of use.
No swelling or bruising again, but she was again sure that her knobby knee was just not right.
Until....Ta da! 
I pulled up her other knee so she could see it was equally bumpy.
Her face was priceless. lol

Today is Wednesday. Today I have her bandaged in bubble wrap. ;-) 
Well, it's an idea, but probably wouldn't help anyways. Lol

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