Saturday, July 18, 2015

Chipmunk chatter

DH had his tooth taken care of this week.
He still looks like a bit of a chipmunk, but at least he's not in any pain.
I even called his Dentist today since the swelling was making me nervous but they told me it's fine and what to watch for so I feel better!
He was really hard to understand the first day with his mouth all numbed.
I had to keep translating for the girls, they couldn't understand him at all.
I didn't have as difficult a time at it, apparently my second language is numb mouth.
Hmm, do think I could put that on my resume? ;-D

I took the girls to McDonald's playland while we waited for him.
We hadn't been there in a year and finally Vivian was big enough to climb everywhere, though she was still nervous about certain things.
It was nice to sit and sip a Hot Cocoa (it wasn't so super muggy as it is now) and watch them play.
They pretty quickly made friends with a little blonde girl who was right between the girls in size.
It's rather neat how kids make friends so quickly. All the girls gravitate to each other and run away from the boys. While the boys meet each each other and try their hardest to kill each other soon after...

The little blonde girl kept shouting for "Olivian" the whole time they played together.
Turns out, that was her name for Vivian. She kept getting confused. ;-)
Later on, when the rest of the boys had to go, there was one boy left and he joined the girls in playing.
He was much calmer once the other boys left and the four of them had a great time until we had to leave.

It's nice to have an indoor play area like that, but the girls socks were sooo filthy!
DH told me to just throw them away, they were so bad but I dumped them in bleach and salvaged them...for now.
I dumped the kids in the soapy tub and salvaged them too. ;-)

The blueberries are slowly ripening. The Japanese beetles are so bad each year that it really requires daily maintenance (knocking the beetles off the plants into a jar of soapy water) and picking the ripe fruit as soon as it matures.
Then they have to quickly washed and tucked into the back of the freezer before Vivian eats them all....otherwise no blueberry pancakes for anyone!
She's the fruit Queen. No fruit lasts long around her.

It was so muggy and hot today that the girls and I made a quick trip to the grocery store for Italian Ices.
Vivian found a penny on the floor. She adores this, and gloats endlessly about "her good luck, that she'll have all day".
Meanwhile Shiloh was pushing one of those little kid shopping carts...and managed to run into her own heel. (Don't ask how, it's one of those things...)
It was a deep scrape and I'm really surprised it didn't bleed.
She also crashed into a few things after she got home. It's hard to tell if Vivian psyched her out or it was just a regular day. lol
Eventually it was like "Vivian! Just give her the penny! Quickly! She NEEDS it!" ;-D

We're waiting to watch Fireworks tonight.
We can see them from our house. It's a delayed 4th of July celebration that was rescheduled due to bad weather.
But Vivian is fast asleep....ahem, make that waiting with her eyes closed.
She knew she wouldn't be able to stay awake so I'm supposed to wake her when the fireworks start.
Kinda hate to do it's for fireworks!
Hopefully she'll fall back asleep afterwards...eek.

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