Wednesday, July 08, 2015

July Jumble

July has become such a busy month for us!
The girls both had their first Dance Class of the season.
On the way to class, Vivian said "Mom, what does anxious mean?"
Me: "Nervous, or a bit worried. You could say "I'm worried" and it would mean the same as "I'm anxious."
Vivian: "You are Mom? Me too! I'm anxious!"
She actually did great. They had cute snowflake ornaments to show off at the end too.

We went to a library program on the life cycle of birds (namely chickens).
Shi is very interested in animals and science so she had her hand up constantly answering and asking questions.
The kids got to pet a chicken and see and hear a (very nervous anxious!)rooster.
Yesterday they were able to turn eggs that are going to be hatching in a few weeks.
We just happened to arrive at the time that the eggs needed to be turned, and the girls were the only kids there so they got the privilege of turning all of the eggs by themselves!
Apparently chicken eggs have to be turned frequently.
I was surprised since I'm more used to hearing about turtle egg rescues and how they have to carefully mark the top of each egg before they move them so the top always stays facing up.
I think even alligator eggs are similar so it must be a difference between reptile and bird eggs.

Speaking of birds, I have a crazy amount of hummingbirds coming to my feeder.
I only have one feeder going this year, since I finally got fed up with my second feeder constantly leaking.
I am making my own hummingbird food (1 part sugar, 4 parts water, boil and cool) and not buying it this year, and the hummingbirds really seem to prefer it.
The food doesn't get all thick in the bottom of the feeder the way that the store-bought kind tends to do after awhile.
Plus if you drip any, that red liquid was terrible for staining!
I'm not sure if I want to add a second feeder or not though because my hummingbirds are very territorial. They constantly chase each other away from the feeder so I never have two eating at the same time.

I just finished making new curtains for the front porch windows.
The old set I made was about six years old and while the material was still really good, the color had faded badly from all the bright sun that the porch receives.
They were originally green and had turned a strange purple?!
Anyways these new curtains are white, so fading should not be a problem and other than battling dirt, I'm hoping they'll last quite awhile.

We had homemade broccoli pizza for dinner last night.
That's what happens when you decide you want pizza and you have cheese and sauce, but no pepperoni so you go looking through your fridge for topping ideas.
Marshmallows....uh no.
Pickled ginger...urp.
Okay, what's in the veggie drawer.
Lemons,..A carrot,..celery..
Aha! Broccoli, that will work, right?
Vivian, who adores broccoli, loved it. Shiloh was less enthused.
Eh, she's not crazy about pepperoni either so....

DH's tooth is much better. He's finished his antibiotics.
We still have to wait until his appointment to have it taken care of, but at least the misery of it is gone.

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doo said...

I had two hummingbird feeders when i lived up on the hill. We had lots of them partaking of the nectar :-) I put our feeders at opposite ends of the porch, that seemed to help some of the fighting...not all of it. Alot of times we would have four hummers sitting on the same feeder feeders were the flat wide kind that you can put on a pole....was easier to keep clean and fill. Always made our own food too.
Glad that Wei's tooth is better...awful pain with a tooth ache.
That broccoli pizza sounds good! :-)