Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summertime Cocoa

A warm spell is in the forecast so we finally set up the kiddie pool for the girls.
They had a fun time and Vivian actually dove right into the playing and splashing...and getting wet!
It always takes her forever to warm up to playing in the water.
Unfortunately the water wasn't too warm. The day was warm but we didn't have much sun so the pool didn't warm up much.

You know it's cold when your kids come in from playing in the pool and ask for Hot Cocoa with marshmallows! ;-)

The girls had another busy week of crafting. :)
They made wands at Dance Class, and Pipe cleaner aliens and Shrinky Dinks at the Library.

All the girls at Dance class were choosing powers that their "magic" wands held.
Shiloh chose fire, Vivian chose water, and another little girl next to Vivian, decided on Roses.
Then she told Vivian excitedly "Your powers help my powers to grow!" Lol

My baby still falls asleep on the couch in the middle of the day. :)

She's been reading so much lately. Outgrowing her more simple chapter books so she's often borrowing ones from Shiloh now.
Shiloh found a book of Christmas stories in the "Free" bin at the Library.
Well, Vivian was upset that she didn't get a book too.
So the next time we visited, she grabbed the first book that she could find that had a few drawings inside, I think.
So now she's reading Yates. Lol.

This is my first year growing peas, but I think they're coming along pretty well. 
Probably some of the pods are ready to pick? I'm not sure yet.
The garden is slow this year. 
I have a few tomatoes coming along but they are still small and green. 
A lot of flowers though so tomatoes should be coming...sometime.

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