Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Grousing about the garden

It hasn't been a great Summer for the garden.
I have a lot of tomatoes but they are still just as green as can be.
Well, a couple have finally turned...yellow. :-S
Two zucchini rotted on the vine and so I've only been able to harvest one this whole summer, which is ridiculous!
I have a bunch of zucchini plants that did nothing but take up a ton of space in the garden after flowering. :(

My blueberries are my most important crop, I think, and at least they did not disappoint. :)
The added effort of adding rabbit fencing did pay off, not necessarily in production but in having healthier and larger blueberry bushes.
 Especially with the hard winter we had, when the rabbits were eating everything!
The snow did eventually cover the entire fence line, but by that time the blueberry bushes were safely under several feet of snow.

I recently crashed through the fence, amazingly with minimal damage to the fence...or myself. I was trying to help DH lift the netting to put it on top of the T-posts, when the top of the post broke causing me to lose my balance and crash unceremoniously into the fence.
No bushes were harmed and the fence was able to be bent back into an acceptable shape...thankfully with no permanent impressions of my body left in it as a reminder of my gracefulness. ;-P

I finally got some peas from the garden, but they tasted like perfume.
I don't mean perfumy...but they tasted like actual perfume. Yuck!
DH said they were just too early, but I don't know if I could get my tongue brave enough to try them again. ;-S

DH recently brought me some purple green beans.
They were so pretty, but once you cook them up they lose the pretty purple striping.
They taste a bit milder than a green bean, and softer texture.
The girls wouldn't try them though.
Vivi insisted that "Green beans have to be green, otherwise they are not green beans...and I only like green beans." ;-P 
She's usually my daring food adventurer too!
I had them with scalloped potatoes and ham and somehow the beans went with it perfectly. :)

The girls have been having a blast in their kiddie pool. Most of their gardening seems to consist of watering the garden with squirt guns and water blasters while they play in the pool. :)
They are fascinated with finding tiny slugs and snails in the garden too...despite my sprinkling egg shells around the plants to deter the slimy pests!

This is the first year that Vivian has really enjoyed the pool.
Usually she's not one for water and didn't like to get too wet, but this year she's been much braver. :)
They also love to ride their bikes around the truck when DH is washing it.
They get so soaked and think it's the greatest thing. :)

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