Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Playground pirates

Playgrounds have been a big visiting spot of ours this Summer.
We have been to quite a few different ones, some HUGE and some rather small but all fun. :)
It's been surreal to take the girls to playgrounds where I played when I was their age, they are just the same as I remember!
The perfect road trip for the girls would be driving from playground to playground. ;-D

We also got to be spectators at a Pirate parade.
Very cool floats, and tons of beads and candy for the girls were tossed to us.
Waiting in her pirate garb for the parade to arrive.

Very nice to see a parade in daylight!
I think it's ridiculous that our city *only* has parades at night....and the biggest parade is held in the winter (okay, technically late Fall) so it's freezing and dark.

The girls got some new Legos the other day.
Vivian was very concerned that it was going to take us days to complete!
 It turns out that she though the 8-12 written on the box meant the number of people it would take to put the Legos together! lol
So just the two of us was going to take forever!

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