Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Ballerinas

August really swamped me!
I kept meaning to write here and just didn't find the time so I'm finally getting some August posts up now.
The girls had a fun time at Summer Dance Camp.
Fortunately (for me!) my girls are tiny and could wear their same leotards/tights as they did last Summer.
They had a couple of six-year old's in their class this year that were bigger than both of the girls!

This was Shi's last Summer in the Dance Camp because she'll be out of the age range next I took a lot of pictures. :)
I don't know what Vivi's face is...other than hysterical! ;-)
Ready to go to class.
In the Studio after their final class/performance.

They enjoyed it a lot and really put effort into their final performance.
Vivi has the finesse of the graceful arm movements and Shi has the bounce and energy for the springs and spins. :)

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doo said...

such little ladies! love the pictures!