Saturday, September 05, 2015

Pillow makeover & Craftiness

When we bought our couch, it came with two pillows. The material on the pillows was rough to begin with but over time it became pilled as well. Then the buttons started popping off.
First one pillow, then the other, then the first one again.
And nobody wanted to use them because they were so scratchy.

So finally I decided to make covers. Material would have been faster but I like to lie on the couch under crocheted afghans so I though a knitted pillow cover would go better.
I had to knit 28 squares! Ack!
This was not as well thought out as I...thought.
One down, one more to go. But at least seeing the finished product gives me motivation.
And it feels much softer so the girls are already thrilled with it.

The girls did pinprick artwork for their Art lessons the other day.
Vivian's "Diamond"

And butterfly, she had to put them in the window next to the turtle,
"So Katie will have something to look at each day." ;-)

Shiloh drew a house scene, and hearts.

She said that writing "Love" backwards is really easy and she didn't even have to think about it.
Shiloh only poked herself once with the pushpin so it was artistic success! ;-)

We've been visiting "Michael's" lately. They have a lot of difference craft stuff and ideas that we haven't tried before. It's been a pretty neat store to explore. :)

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