Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Birds and the bees and the butterflies...i

Despite the heat and dry weather, the flowers in my yard seem to be doing well.
This is one of my newer hydrangeas which bloomed, the blooms died off and then we planted it outside, so I really didn't expect it to bloom again. 
But Ta da!
I love the coral-pink, we're definitely not adding anything to the soil around this one to mess with this color!

It's still really small compared to my two most established bushes that sit with it looks a little odd right now, but hopefully it will catch up in a year or two.
If it can survive the winter, that is. Surviving the winter is always the question.

This purple flower came out of a wildflower mix that I sprinkled in the raised garden bed.
I don't know what it is exactly but it looks like a butterfly bush to me.
It attracts tons of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

We have hummingbirds buzzing everywhere this year. I've never seen so many.
They were hovering in our garage, they're sitting on trees in the yard. 
So cute!

The raspberry bush is expanding like crazy, We had to start chopping away at some shoots that are just going everywhere.
Such tiny fruit and sooooo many thorns and prickly hairs!

I'm not sure it's worth it?
I tell DH, it's a guard plant...keeping everything away from that corner of the house.

Though there was a skunk near our garage the other night. It was late and DH just saw a dark thing that he thought was a toy the girls had left out.
He was going to go nudge it with his foot and then decided to stomp his foot (from farther away) instead.
The skunk just looked at him and walked away.
Lucky man!

At least all this hot and humid weather means the girls get lots of pool time. :)

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