Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Recital week

Last week was crazy busy!
Vivi had her birthday, and we actually still have the birthday banner and balloons around since she wants her birthday to last as long as possible. lol
We had a nice lunch out and she had time to play with her new presents.

The girls also had rehearsal last week.
It was scary walking into the auditorium with all the people, lights, and super-loud music.
But then they had the Kinderdancers up first (3 and 4 year olds) and they were so cute and funny that it calmed the girls down and they had good rehearsals.
We stayed after their part was done to watch some of the other classes rehearse as well.

Then the girls had two dance performances last weekend. 
They were both in just one dance per night so that it made it much simpler for us compared to the kids in multiple dances and costumes....of which, there were surprisingly a lot.

My hands were so sweaty though, throughout the whole show.
Worried how the girls would do and who exactly was watching them at each point, and if they were hot because the band room where they had to wait was not air conditioned.
I am so not a "Dance Mom." lol

The show was quite entertaining though and the girls did great.
Our next door neighbor was there on the second night because his grandson was in the boys' hip hop class.
We didn't see him at the show since it was really crowded. But today he brought over some photos of the girls he had taken.
He often takes pictures and he had recognized them on the stage, so that was really nice.
The girls are anxious to watch the video of the show when it comes out.
They let the kids watch the show in between their dances, in a special section they reserved for the dancers, but they had to take groups by turn.
Shiloh was able to watch Vivian dance on both nights but Vivian didn't get to watch Shiloh at all and they both really want to see the whole entire show.

I took the girls to the playground yesterday.
It seems like we rarely had time for that when they both had dance classes during the week.
The girls mostly had the entire play area to themselves. They decided that they wanted to swing and be brave and have me push them really high.
Vivian was feeling on top of the world when we left.
She said "I went to the playground all full of happiness, but I left the playground all
full of daring-ness! :-D

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cowboy scientists rule!

Ahh, back to my blog.
It's been too long, I'm surprised I even remembered how to log in!

I had mostly drifted to Facebook instead of blogging but there I missed being able to write the story that goes along with the photo I was posting.
And it's just not the same,

Like this photo.

It really needs a story.
After all just writing "Cowboy Scientists" as the title will not do it.
Shiloh has been learning about different rocks and minerals in her Science book, which reminded me that she had a "Crystal Garden" kit in our Art cupboard.
So I pulled that out this morning, and it involved heating water to different temperatures and mixing and stirring different chemicals.
I was reading the package which had a million warnings about breathing in the chemicals and touching the chemicals or basically existing on the same planet with the chemicals.
So I told the girls we just needed to be careful.
The girls shouted, "I know, we need ba-dan-a's!" (bandanas) and off they ran.
And Ta da! Cowboy Scientists!
They take after their Mama in their caution of all danger signs and warnings, ha!
Shiloh helped stir and kept an eye on the temperature of the water for me.
Hopefully we'll have a crystal garden growing soon!

Shiloh has also been dipping into my personal pool of books.
She's basically claimed all of my old hardcover Nancy Drew books already.
She says she likes the old ones better than the newer or even younger versions that they have now.
Then she started on a small paperback I had of James Herriot stories, she quickly finished  that and now has started on my huge hardcover.
She's totally absorbed in it. :)
It was a gift from my Aunt Kel, so it's sweet to see yet another generation enjoying James Herriot. :)