Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cowboy scientists rule!

Ahh, back to my blog.
It's been too long, I'm surprised I even remembered how to log in!

I had mostly drifted to Facebook instead of blogging but there I missed being able to write the story that goes along with the photo I was posting.
And it's just not the same,

Like this photo.

It really needs a story.
After all just writing "Cowboy Scientists" as the title will not do it.
Shiloh has been learning about different rocks and minerals in her Science book, which reminded me that she had a "Crystal Garden" kit in our Art cupboard.
So I pulled that out this morning, and it involved heating water to different temperatures and mixing and stirring different chemicals.
I was reading the package which had a million warnings about breathing in the chemicals and touching the chemicals or basically existing on the same planet with the chemicals.
So I told the girls we just needed to be careful.
The girls shouted, "I know, we need ba-dan-a's!" (bandanas) and off they ran.
And Ta da! Cowboy Scientists!
They take after their Mama in their caution of all danger signs and warnings, ha!
Shiloh helped stir and kept an eye on the temperature of the water for me.
Hopefully we'll have a crystal garden growing soon!

Shiloh has also been dipping into my personal pool of books.
She's basically claimed all of my old hardcover Nancy Drew books already.
She says she likes the old ones better than the newer or even younger versions that they have now.
Then she started on a small paperback I had of James Herriot stories, she quickly finished  that and now has started on my huge hardcover.
She's totally absorbed in it. :)
It was a gift from my Aunt Kel, so it's sweet to see yet another generation enjoying James Herriot. :)

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