Saturday, July 30, 2016

Floors & Accessories

The floors are finished!

This photo is of the dining room floor, which was the last room to be completed.
There was a ton of wax buildup to remove, and sanding, and filling and paint scraping to do on this floor.
There was actually an outline on the floor of a door or something that they had painted white.
Feels so good to be done!
Unfortunately we were a little impatient to move the furniture back into place (eating in the living room while only being able to pull your chair out a few inches and having to climb over the top of furniture to reach your laptop is not great fun when you're an adult) so we pushed the piano back a little too soon and then had to fix a few small marks it made on the floor.
It's so nice to be done, and it's been very easy to keep the floor clean as well.
As you can imagine, carpeting under the dining room table when you have children is not the greatest.
I actually was really surprised that the carpeting looked so good underneath when we pulled it up.
I was imagining all kinds of stains that I didn't clean up enough or something.
A bonus is that the girls keep offering to sweep or dust mop the floors for me. :)
I think I will start taking them up on that offer!

Of course, now I needed new accessories to go with my new floors!
Thankfully everything has been very inexpensive so far.
New wreath...Anniversary gift! (Thanks, Mom!)
New curtains...on clearance for $5.00 at Lowe's!

New rug, not on sale but irresistible (it's really soft)!
New table runner..actually two placemats from the Dollar Store that I stitched together $2.00.

With the awful heat and humidity we've had lately, the floor has felt nice and cool.
I'm hoping it won't feel too chilly in the winter but a few more rugs and some fuzzy slippers should take care of that. :)

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