Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fun and Floors

I took the girls to my parents' camp for a long weekend.
We had a ton of fun though the weather didn't always cooperate.
The little park near the water had been completely redone and the girls loved it.
They played on it for two of the days that we were there. :)

We also had a beautiful day and beautiful weather to spend at the French festival.
We watched the children's theater and ate fried dough and cotton candy. Good stuff!

We even got to watch the parade. A very long parade!
Which was so nice since we rarely get to watch a parade at all.  
A very fun weekend.

Then it was back to working on the hardwood floors at home.
We've had random furniture shoved in different rooms for the past couple weeks to clear the floors.
The girls have loved plopping on the recliner in their playroom and having toys piled in their room.
Finding the hamster had a new home in the bathroom was a little less thrilling, I guess.
Vivian said "Why is Elsa in here? I need privacy!"
Lol, Elsa is sound asleep in the daytime so I was able to assure Vivi that he wouldn't peek. ;-)

The turtle wasn't too happy to have her tank moved all around either.
She didn't have her heat lamp or sunny window like she's used to for a few days.
As soon as I was able to get her pushed near an outlet, I plugged in her light in and she plopped herself on her rock sun-bathing like a boss. :)

Hopefully we'll get everything resettled by the end of the month!

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