Saturday, July 30, 2016

July to me

July has been a busy month!
DH and I celebrated our Anniversary this month.
Vivian asked if I would take her to the store to buy a card for us.
She choose the card and wrote out her message (asking for some spelling help here and there) and then carefully hid it away in the play room until the actual day.

So incredibly sweet!

The girls have also been busy with the yearly kids library programs.
They went to a program on Nanotech...which I'm pretty sure Shiloh picked out. 
We were on a wait-list for that program and they called us maybe 20 minutes before the program to let us know we got in!
Thankfully we were already preparing to go to the library that morning so it wasn't a big rush for us.
Vivian was probably the youngest one there and some of the activities were a little more difficult for her. The instructor was a teacher from a nearby school but she was used to teaching teenagers.
But both girls got to work together since they divided the class into teams so I think that helped her with participation.
(Even though she probably didn't see it that way since Shi could do more than she could!)
They're signed up for a couple more programs this summer, and Vivian already won a prize for one of their weekly contests.
She was totally thrilled and could barely eat her lunch. lol

The garden has been busy this year.
In some ways it's weird, like all of our bean plants were eaten up by something...but cantaloupe is growing?
The blueberry and raspberry bushes really loved the mild winter and probably all this heat and humidity too.

I've never had enough raspberries to actually freeze some before.
Usually Vivi just ate them as soon as we picked them.
Our raspberry is terribly pricky and thorny so I don't let the girls pick them.
I keep ending up bleeding and with slash marks all over my arms from that bush!
At least it keeps down on the pests that actually get to the raspberries.

The blueberries seem to increase each year.
We've gotten into a pretty good routine of picking every other day. First clearing off any Japanese beetles that we find, then Vivian usually helps me pick the berries.
When we're done Shiloh helps me spread a coffee grounds and water mixture over the bushes to keep the Japanese beetles away.

We also did a big garden weeding this week.
Both girls helped with that as well.
Thankfully I make a quick map each spring when I plant because otherwise I would have no clue what was coming up out there! ha!
We had to wait until everything grew up some before we could start pulling weeds because it's so hard to tell when a plant is just a couple leaves.
But it looks like a real garden now and it will be much easier to keep up on the weeds now that it has been cleared.

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