Saturday, July 02, 2016

Smiley faces everywhere

I finally found the smiley face potatoes that I've been wanting to get for the girls!
I had found a coupon and advertisement for them and thought they were adorable, but two Walmarts and a Target later and I still couldn't find them.
Finally...found them at Price Chopper!

Vivian took one bite and said "Ohh, these are lovely!" Lol
They are like mashed potatoes inside and have the option of baking in the oven or frying.
I chose to bake them.
Very cute and tasty!

Vivian has been fascinated with a magician show she likes to watch lately.
So she started doing her own little magic acts that she makes up.
Like a switching erasers trick.
She starts out with "As you can see, this table is real, this blanket is real, and this eraser is real."
Then she finishes with "This trick is so simple, even a child can do it. Ha ha! 'Cause I'm a child and I'm doing it!"
Oh, it's so funny.
I wish she would let me videotape her but she gets all self-conscious. ;-)

The girls are all signed up for the yearly library reading program again.
This year it seems to be sports themed which is a little less than thrilling for the girls.
Vivian pored over the baseball cards that they were offering as a first day treat, and then asked the librarian if she had any cards of the "New England Patriots".
Lol, wrong sport, dear.
They also had some rubber bracelets as an optional treat so at least everything wasn't sports related.

They had a DIY craft to make sports-themed bookmarks but I told the girls to cut out whatever shape they wanted and it didn't have to a ball or hockey stick shape like was suggested.
So they made "book" bookmarks instead. :)

We also decided to skip the soap-making class this year, since we made our own soap at home over the winter and we can make more any time we want.
That was a craft we loved but we're hoping to learn some new projects this summer!

Vivian was initially dragging her legs about the library program, just not wanting to really bother with it. But I set up a chalkboard in their room for them to note the start and finish times of when they're reading and she's been loving that.
She even started carrying a sheet of paper around with her to note down every minute she reads. 
Shiloh is always reading....But I don't think I can put down 24/7 on her chart though!
She's not as good about keeping track but Vivian's been watching her time for her too so it works out.

Hope everyone has a Happy and safe 4th of July!
We already got to see fireworks from the comfort of our home which is quite a luxury, especially when you have young kids and also tend to get eaten alive by mosquitoes waiting for the fireworks to start.
They had some really pretty fireworks this year too, including some smiley faces. :)

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