Friday, July 15, 2016

With Floor-ish

Our July has been super busy!
We had been talking about removing our wall-to-wall carpeting for awhile.
 The carpeting had been damaged by the turtle's heat lamp falling onto it years ago, and also lately the edges had gotten caught by the vacuum and started to unravel.

Then I woke up early one morning and it hit me that I thought there was hardwood floors under all that carpet!
We should see what is under there and at the very least, save some money on labor for carpet removal.

So we actually started on July 4th. Cutting off a tiny little strip where the unraveling was the worst.
Hardwood floors!

They didn't look too bad but of course other surprises awaited.
Like the tons of paint drips, apparently our house was painted with massive amounts of turquoise paint years ago.
Which is weird, I can't picture it...I don't want to picture it!
 And it's also weird because our other house had layers of paint, and when it chipped off...ta da! Turquoise!

I also found that when I was cleaning my treadmill and Vivian knocked over the rubbing alcohol (months ago) did soak through the carpet and pad and leave a water spot on the floor.
Such wonderful surprises. But the internet is amazing and I found so many tips and tricks to remove the water spot.
Not one of them worked completely on its own, but a combination of several and it completely disappeared.
I should have taken photos of that, it was amazing!
Plus the oddity of rubbing alcohol actually helping to remove a water spot caused by rubbing alcohol? Craziness!

We ripped up more carpeting...
Entryway after carpet removal
 ...and then dove into hardwood floor refinishing.
Scraping, sanding, filling in everything with wood putty.
I love wood putty. It is fun. I would putty everything if I could.
I don't let DH putty. He is messy, his theory is to pile it on the gouges and sand off the excess later BUT if you clean it good while you are using the putty it's so much neater and less work overall.
It's my putty. :)
Vivian has eagle eyes so she helps me find the little digs and nail holes that need filling.

After all the backbreaking prep work...finally we could stain the floors.
Entryway, after staining,  and before trim work
And put in carpet transitions and trim work on the baseboards.
A lot of work.
But we have our entry way completely done now and most of the living room done now.
The rooms with lots of furniture are the hardest.
I haven't been able to take many finished pictures because of the furniture having to be crowded around the room we're working on.
Hopefully I can take more pictures once we're done, :)


doo said...

Really looks nice!! You did a great job!!

Mama to two Princesses said...

Thanks Deb!