Sunday, August 07, 2016

Connecticut sand

The girls have had another good summer with the library program. :)
They just have the closing celebration left, which is cake & ice cream and they get to choose their free book.

This past week they attended two programs.
The first one was making Decoupage boxes.
Vivian's is on the left, Shiloh's on the right.
There was a wide selection of paints and papers, sequins and jewels and stickers to decorate the boxes.
It was a lot of fun and definitely took the full hour for the kids to complete.

While we were there, they let us know that Shiloh had won a prize for guessing how many Swedish fish were in a jar. She guessed the closest.

Her prize? The jar of swedish fish! :)
Both girls won a prize this summer so they are pretty happy.

The second program was making Galaxy jars and Moon rocks.
That wasn't so great. The Galaxy jars were not like I expected from looking online.
I thought they would be jars with glow-in-the-dark stars and other shapes that the girls could put under a light and it would glow.
But these were just some colors and glitter in the jars...and then the separated colors started to merge together by the next day so they don't look that great.
I think I'm going to do my own version of Galaxy Jars with them for a craft project one of these days.

The moon rocks are messy too (a mixture of baking soda, water, coloring, and glitter) so we've left them in the bag and let the girls squish them into shapes in the bag.
Apparently it's supposed to dry into a rock-like hardness but the girls are having a lot more fun with it in the bag. :)

Vivian was asking me if she could "Play with Connecticut" the other day.
"How are you going to play with Connecticut? 
You mean the States Game?"
"No...You know, Connecticut! Connecticut sand! I want to play with Connecticut sand!"
"Ohh, Kinetic sand!"

They love Kinetic sand and Play-doh and I've noticed how nice it is to not have the carpet under the table anymore when cleaning up the messes that come from Play-doh and sand.
Plus, I picked up a little dustpan and brush so the girls can sweep up their own messes to some extent.
They think it's fun to use too, so that is another bonus. ;-)