Friday, September 02, 2016

The Pirate wearing Platforms

Harvest time is slowly arriving here. :)
Picked these super-sweet raspberries yesterday. That's my hand btw, that's how huge they were!
The bugs aren't so bad right now so the berries are huge and beautiful this time of year.
I went to check my cantaloupes and this one fell into my hands.
I checked online and since it smells sweet and isn't too firm, I think it's ready to eat but we haven't tried it yet. It's pretty small but maybe that's the variety that we planted.
Hopefully they are good because there's a bunch more out there!
We've also gotten one nice zucchini, which Vivian tenderly washed and dried...and polished.
....and took on a tour of the house.
The girl loves food, what can I say! ;-D
There's also some mystery plants in the garden, that still have yet to produce.
I can't remember if I planted pumpkins or acorn squash in that area and I can't find my little note that reminds me and so far just a bunch of flowers
Just adds a little excitement to gardening. ha!

The girls will be starting their fall activities soon.
Vivian is taking Ballet again and Shiloh is taking swimming lessons.
Shi is excited about the lessons, but I am truthfully a bit anxious.
Hopefully she'll have a great and attentive teacher and learn some important skills!

My favorite platform flip flops broke last night. :(
So sad.
I threw them in the garbage and Vivian asked me why I threw both shoes away instead of just the one broken one.
I told her it was because I didn't want to limp around the house like a pirate.
Vivian "Oh, but we have eye patches and bandanas and pirate beads for you to wear too! It will be fun, Mom!"

Ha ha, better than a peg leg I guess!

Last week we were in a public restroom (ick!), and a beetle crawled across the floor (double ick!).
Vivian said "Look Shi! A dung beetle! It's a dung beetle!"
Shiloh looked and said "That's just a regular beetle, not a dung beetle, Viv."
Vivian replied "But we're in a bathroom, that means it's a dung beetle!"

Hmm, can't really argue with her there....