Monday, January 30, 2017

Fire Rooster Year

Happy New Year!
This weekend started Chinese New Year, so we get to celebrate New Year's twice!
This is the year of the Fire Rooster.

We always try to do some craft/decorations that include the animal of the year, but roosters were a little hard to find...a lot more chickens actually.
 But finally we were able to find some roosters to print our and the girls colored them for decorations for our Chinese New Year dinner.

The end of last year was rough. We had a ton of repairs...seriously.
Fixed two roofs, then the kitchen ceiling started leaking, then water poured in the back door, then the chimney.
And the cherry on top was when I got a big piece of metal stuck in my tire.

It was one thing after another, and it started to feel like the whole year was horrible when really it was just the last couple months.
But our memory tends to focus on those bad things and forget the many good things that did happen throughout the year.

So when the idea of a Memory jar popped up on my Facebook, I thought it was a great idea and just what we needed.
I found a cute jar at Michaels and some bits of colored paper and we were all set!
You're just supposed to write down your good memories as they happen and then at the end of the year, you get to read through everything.
The girls have already written quite a few slips.
We did have to tell Vivian that she couldn't just write down food that she had eaten...even though those are yummy memories!

Vivi's dance is going well. She's motivated to work on her splits because they have an ice cream party goal this Spring. :)

Shiloh finished her swim lessons and didn't want to sign up again. It's so funny to hear her tell anyone who asks what extra things she takes "Well, I decided that I wanted to take a year off." 

Yes, she's finding herself. Gap year and all that. lol

Both girls have a lingering winter cold. I think Vivian is finally over it but Shiloh still has a cough and it's been nearly three weeks.
At least she's not waking up at night anymore! These weeks have been long!

Shiloh lost a couple more teeth this month and looking at her tooth chart, it seems that she only has four more left to lose!
I can't believe that her Tooth Fairy visits are numbered!
Vivian doesn't like to lose teeth if there is any chance of blood so she's not a wiggler or puller and those teeth will possibly be with her until college so regardless, the Tooth Fairy will still be visiting our house for quite awhile. :)